Skates Canyon

February 20, 2024

On what felt like the first day of spring, we returned to Skates Canyon with the Gila Hikers.

snow on the Mogollons

Lingering snow on the Mogollon Mountains from the blockbuster snowstorm of February 10, 2024.

frozen seep

Dennis and Alan and a frozen seep.

navigating a narrow slot

Navigating the narrows.

action shot

Ken, Kim and Lisa.

from above

Dennis, Kim and Alan.


After all that snow, we figured it would be flowing, and it was.

waterfall closeup Kim and the waterfall taking the temperature

Air temp: 68°, water temp: 35°

Kim in the tricky spot

Kim navigating the one tricky spot.

Ken in the tricky spot

Ken's turn.

snow at a stream crossing

This time we continued up the main canyon to the end of the road.

canyon walls

Classic Gila Wilderness: crenelated cliffs and a meandering canyon.