Annual Backpack to Turkey Creek Hot Springs in the Gila Wilderness

September 24-27, 2019

La Paloma

Starting out with a great lunch at La Paloma in Solomon. Photo by Curtiss

old school backpackers

Old-school backpackers: Dave T., Curtiss, Ann H, Scott, Linda, Eb, Doug, ADL, me and Dennis

setting out

Setting out.Photo by Ann H

first crossing

First crossing of the Gila.

all smiles

All smiles.Photo by Curtiss

gear tree

Eb's gear tree.Photo by Curtiss

fall colors

Fall colors.Photo by Curtiss


Our very comfy and compendious campfire. Photo by Curtiss



Eb playing at his favorite venue.


Eb. Photo by Ann H


Curtiss and Eb. Photo by Ann H


A real man makes his own chopsticks. Curtiss and Scott. Photo by Ann H

lower pools

The lower pools were in great shape. Photo by Curtiss

upper pool

Upper pool: some assembly required.

tough guys

These are the guys for the job (Doug, Curtiss and ADL)

petroglyphs by the pool

When the sun angle was just right, we noticed these petroglyphs right next to the pool. Photo by Ann H

perfect soaking pool

The reward for our hard work: the perfect soaking pool.

the climb

Instead of hacking our back back through the canyon, we decided to scramble straight up the cliff to the top of the ridge. It was one hell of a climb! Photo by Curtiss

at the top

We made it! Photo by Ann H

Jaw-dropping views from the top of the ridge between Turkey Creek and Skeleton Canyon.

hiking dress

My new look. Photo by Ann H


Linda and Doug relaxing at the confluence.


Heading home, all too soon as usual. Photo by Curtiss