Pueblo Creek

October 9-11, 2015

Once again we were washed out of a planned trip to a flood-prone slot canyon, so our fallback was Pueblo Creek, which drains a much smaller region. It rained all day and all night, and the only thing that kept us from hibernating in our tents was a "white man's fire"!

It is disturbing to see how the canyon has been resculpted in just the last two years. Enormous boulder fields have largely replaced the the previous well-marked streamside trail. We can't blame it on fires, since this area hasn't — so far — fallen victim to the catastrophic fires that have razed much of the Mogollon and White Mountains.

Pueblo Creek Max, John, Olivia, Hans, Debra, Brooksby, Noreen, me and Dennis (Tom took the picture) Boulder Field Boulder fields where a year ago there was a wooded streamside trail

scarab Glorious green scarab beetle

corral The old corral at the junctions of trail 43 and 431

stickers Sticker shock