Slot City Exploration

October 8, 2021

It was our first time in the area, so of course we did everything wrong. It was still a pretty great hike.

Starting down

We dropped into the canyon at an oblique angle, which made for greater elevation loss and a more difficult down climb.

finally dropping into the canyon

Finally at the canyon bottom, where there was easier walking. For a while.

the choke point

The canyon suddenly narrowed and became choked with brush. We scrambled up the east side, seeking a way around the multiple side canyons.

Marion in a field of flowers

It was a poor choice which nevertheless provided some great views.

Marion in a field of flowers

The crenellated cliffs of Slot City.

crenellated cliffs in the distance

At a confluence with a major side canyon, we eased back into the canyon along the nose of a ridge, making our way back on the west side.

a chain of cairns

And there we stumbled onto the well-cairned trail. Doh!

a trickle of water in the creek

The mesa top looked like the surface of the moon!

finally on the path

A trickle of water in the creek.

Marion in a field of flowers

The most significant wildlife of the day was these clouds of Reakerts Blue moths fluttering around seeps in the canyon wall.

limboing under a low-hanging branch

Limboing under some low-hanging branches.

distant view of the pinos altos range

Our crazy track. Oh well, next time we'll know!

distant view of the pinos altos range

Looking north toward the Piños Altos Range. So much beauty all around us!