Three Rivers Petroglyphs

May 17, 2022

A return visit to Three Rivers was, if anything, even more impressive than our initial exploration on a bone-chilling winter day in December, 2016. Here are the best of the hundreds of photos we took on this trip. We find it astonishing that there are so few repeats!

face or mask petroglyph

A face or mask?

3D face or mqask petroglyph

A most realistic 3D face or mask.

bird face petroglyph

Very stylized bird face or mask.

various petroglyph figures

Various figures including a human possibly wearing some sort of headdress?

fish petroglyph

Looks like a fish on a platter. My favorite from this visit.

hand and snake petroglyph

And hand and ... a snake?

close-up o hand and snake petroglyph


peace symbol petroglyph

The circle and dot motif is common at the Three Rivers site, but this one looks for all the world like a peace symbol. Was it modified?

crusader cross petroglyph

What to make of this? It looks for all the world like a Crusader Cross!

thunderbird petroglyph

Fantastic thunderbird.

two birds petroglyph

Several animal forms, including at least two birds.

bighorn sheep petroglyph

The most famous Three Rivers petroglyph, a bighorn sheep pierced by two arrows.

animal with checkerboqard petroglyph

Another animal form, with a checkerboard pattern.

lizard petroglyph

Looks like a lizard.

insect petroglyph

An insect?

duck or chicken petroglyph

A duck? Or chicken?

geometric shape petroglyph

Geometric design, hourglass-like, with a human form adjacent.

elaborate petroglyph

There's a lot going on in this panel. Does the very large geometric pattern represent a village or a structure? Above it, almost a wheeled vehicle, and on the lower right, the familiar circle and dot but this time with concentric circles.

hands and snake petroglyph

Two very realistic hands, maybe a snake, and so much more!

human figures petroglyph

Human figures? And a rib cage?

story panel petroglyph

Kim and I trudged across a steep and rocky slope to get a closer look at this magnificent story panel.


Kim, out standing in her field.

half circles petroglyph

I was intrigued by three half circles.

male stick figure petroglyph

Male stick figure.

the photographer

The photographer photographed.