San Vicente Creek

January, 2021

hikers along San Vicente Creek

Our very first hike as residents was a stroll along San Vicente Creek, a perennial stream that runs through the heart of downtown Silver City.

November 9, 2022

We have returned many times since then, most recently to catch a little Fall color.

colorful trees along San Vicente Creek colorful trees along San Vicente Creek creek refecting overhanging trees

Exploring a new trail that runs high along the east bank, we noticed the enormous amount of trash along the opposite shore. Huge slag heaps, automobile graveyards, old tires and construction debris.

old railroad abuttment

The trail eventually intersects the old Silver City, Deming and Pacific Railroad.

old railroad grade

The grade looks perfectly bikeable!

view through overhanging trees

San Vicente Creek has enormous potential as a linear park, but it needs Superfund-level cleanup. Is this my new project?