Chasing the Cumbres & Toltec

Trujillo Meadows

August 19, 2022

It was the next day, on the way to Trujillo Meadows, that we first caught up with the train, heading west at Cumbres Pass. Over the next three days, we would catch it again heading east from Cumbres Pass, and leaving the station in Antonito.

Trujillo Meadows Campground

The reviewers say, "This might have been a nice campground when it had trees." Huh? We loved it!

cat walk

Elio gets out for a "walk" (mostly just eating grass).

a fiery sunrise

A fiery sunrise.

Trujillo Meadows Reservoir

Trujillo Meadows Reservoir


The reservoir is full and overflowing into the spillway.

When most New Mexican lakes are a bathtub ring around a mud puddle, it's hard not to be jealous.

Bee and Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Bee and Rocky Mountain Penstemon


Salicaire Mauve (Fireweed).

wild raspberries

Voluptuous ripe red raspberries!

Colorado Chipmunk

Colorado Chipmunk

thrush waterfall

There's a small waterfall at the edge of the campground.