Mineral Creek

May 20, 2023

An absolutely perfect day at Mineral Creek! Despite all the rain this week, the water was just high enough to be be exciting (but not dangerous). Nice mixture of sun and big puffy clouds all day, and the downpour waited until five minutes after we got back to our cars!

group photo

Dennis clambered up a cliff to get a great shot of the group just starting into the canyon.

rock window

The Window.

making our way around a waterfall

The first tricky section, where you have to hang onto the rocks and make your way around a small waterfall.

male and female lizards

Lizard Love. Look at that beautiful blue belly!

by a waterfall

Waterfall after waterfall!

another waterfall

rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa spilling down the canyon walls.

narrow canyon

Lee and Kim in the Narrows.