Thanksgiving at Faywood Hot Springs

November 24-26, 2021

This Thanksgiving, we decided to try something we never do — just relax! So we booked a couple of nights at Faywood Hot Springs, which is a short drive from home now that we live in Silver City.

relaxing in the RV

We just packed up the cats, some good Port, cookies and planned on three days of eating well, soaking and cocooning with the cats.

irate cats

Even for the Thanksgiving Day meal, we kept things simple. Elio and Madeleine, on learning we wouldn't be serving "real" turkey.

me at the Catwalk in 2001I work up Thanksgiving morning with that feeling of "déjà vu all over again", and sure enough, 19 years ago I was right here, on a solo trip along the AZ-NM border in my ancient Dodge van.

Faywood pool the cienega in late afternoon light

After our morning soak, we bundled up for a bushwhack to City of Rocks State Park, and stumbled onto a trail that loops around a cienega upstream from Faywood.

Along the way, Dennis tangled with a Giant Tumbleweed

Circle of Stone and Cooke's Peak

Fayhenge and the rotating "star chair", with Cooke's Peak looming spookily in the background. Feeling very grateful for the improbable path that leads me to this magical place, time and time again.