A Little Fall Color on the Dragonfly Trail

October 22, 2021

Silver City doesn't get Fall color like New England, but the afternoon light this time of year is still pretty wonderful.


A yucca out standing in its field.


Most of our high desert trees — junipers and piñons — are conifers, so the brilliant red and yellows only occur in stream beds where cottonwoods and sycamores thrive.


The three-mile round trip to the dragonfly petroglyphs has become a kind of pilgrimage for us, especially at sunset, when we like to sit beside the stream and imagine what life was like for the Mimbres people who etched these rocks 1000 years ago.

petroglyphs Fort Bayard

Looking south toward Fort Bayard and the Kneeling Nun.

Twin Sisters

And to the north, the enigmatic Twin Sisters.

Rainbow Grasshoppers

It's been a great year for grasshoppers! I'd never seen these Rainbow Grasshoppers before, and their colors are just unbelievable!


Plains Lubber Grasshoppers.