Slot City Redux

November 18, 2021

We returned to Slot City with new hiking buddy Susan Z-M, hoping to make it all the way to the slots after stumbling upon the cairned trail on our last attempt

Dennis and me on the mesa

Funny how much easier it is when you know the way! We made good time and within an hour we had reached the confluence where we skittered down the nose of ridge six weeks ago.

large cliffs in the distance

Soon the crenelated cliffs reared up from the canyon floor.

rounding the corner

Just around the corner was the first slot on Doug Scott's map of the area.

climbing over a boulder at the canyon mouth

There was a large boulder wedged in the mouth of the canyon. Over, or under!

Dennis in the slot

We immediately plunged into a fairyland of extremely narrow passageways and giant chokestones

Walls closing in

Indiana Jones stuff!

The slot eventually became claustrophobic for me, and I retraced my steps and admired the mountains of black bear poop while Dennis and Susan pressed on to the end of the slot.

Dennis and Susan emerging from the slot

And they were still smiling!

golden fall leaves in the canyon

A final dash of Fall color. There are rumored to be more than 20 slots in the area. Next time we'll plan on camping and leaving more time to explore!