Lower Gila Box

November 21, 2023

We've returned to this area many times since stumbling upon it during an exploration of the Lower Middle Box WSA in 2019.

group photo

Returning with our new Silver-City-based hiking group, the #GilaHikers.

navigating some white volcanic tuff

The trail is mostly a gentle walk, with some interesting scrambling over rounded white tuff at the top of the canyon.

Jane hopping over the rocks group photo

This area is full of bedrock mortars. We always take a moment to imagine a group of Mimbres women, sitting by the river, grinding corn and telling stories.

the group near a cluster of bedrock mortars

Farther down the canyon the white tuff gives way to rhyolite.

trio of hikers in the canyon

The giant cottonwoods emerge as we approach the Gila River.

giant cottonwoods distant view of hikers in the canyon Dennis on a giant boulder in the canyon hikers near steep canyon wall

The walls rise higher and higher, until some sections are almost tunnel-like.

mouth of the canyon

At the river.

interesting rock formations

Cinnamon-swirl rock formations.

hikers coming back up throught the white rocks

Heading out.