Allie Canyon

March, 2023

Allie Canyon has become one of my favorite hikes. I put it on the calendar for Gila Hikers for March 25, but given our very wet Winter and late Spring, I was concerned about water levels.

Dennis under an overhanging branch

Dennis and I decided to scout the trail ahead of time, and hiked in as far as the cabin. We were surprised to see no signs of flooding.

the cabin

Although the Mimbres is flowing at 266% of normal according to Snoflo, apparently Allie Canyon is not a big contributor.


We flushed a flock of 16 wild turkeys, but as usual, they were moving too fast for a good photo.

pair of Abert's squirrels

Later I saw an Abert's squirrel up a cottonwood, and zoomed in to the deeply shadowed area where he took refuge, only to discover he had a mate!

Fendler's Pennycress

There aren't a lot of wildflowers out yet. This Fendler's Pennycress was one of the few.


On the way home, we spotted a herd of about 27 elk in a field near Mimbres.

our group corssing the stream

Although it snowed in Silver City on Friday, we had good weather when we returned on Saturday with our group. Here's Miguel in mid-leap on one of the countless stream crossings.

pool in a narrow slot

The stream was flowing nicely, and iridescent from particles of suspended minerals.


While bushwhacking toward the hoodoos, we stumbled upon the grave of George Hightower, who died in 1917 at 57 years of age. According to local sources, Hightower used to spend the sumer grazing goats in the canyon. When he died of smallpox, his family buried him here and burned the cabin.

lunch from above

We scrambled up to a nice overlook for lunch.


Alan and I continued climbing to the top of the hoodoos, that were arranged in Stonehenge-like circle.

views upstream

The views were astounding! It was totally worth the effort!

Alan crossing on log

Log dancing competition: Alan

Dennis crossing on log

Log dancing competition: Dennis

Miguel crossing on log

Log dancing competition: Miguel

It was a gorgeous days in the Gila Wilderness, with good friends old and new!