January 26, 2021

Since we moved to Silver City, we've been hoping for a proper snowstorm (video by Curtiss Seale).

This is what we found when we opened our door about 7:00 am on Tuesday, January 26.

chile lights

Overnight, it has snowed about six inches, and it continued to snow hard all morning.

vehicles in the snow

We hustled outside right after breakfast, cameras in hand.

College Street in the snow

We were hoping College Street was still lit up by Christmas lights. It was.


We wandered through the utterly quiet WNMU campus, where the deep snow highlighted colorful murals and holiday lumineria.

luminaria in snow

mural on building in snowstorm mural on campus building in the snow WNMU mustang statue in the snow

A mustang is the WNMU mascot.

mustang statue in snow agave in snow our house in the snow

When the snow stopped and the sun came out, it turned our simple home into a snow globe.

our house covered in snow

Deep in snow, our yard looks just fine.

Elio discovers snow

Elio gets his first experience with snow. He was mainly interested in sniffing where other cats had peed!

The Great Valentine's Day Snowstorm

February 14-16, 2021

Around 4:00 am on Valentine's Day I heard a noise like a jet landing on the roof, followed by horizontal snawn and howling wind.

It's been snowing on and off ever since, and I can't stop taking pictures of the snow!

curve-billed thrasher

We have curve-billed thrashers here in Silver City, although apparently it's not exactly the same species as the Sonoran Desert version.

Quite a nice morning serenade by Mr. (or Mrs.) Curve-billed Thrasher.

snow angel on the fence

Covered in snow, the yard kitsch is almost cute.


Madeleine keeping a watchful eye.

insulators in snow

The insulators have found a home, decorating the back patio.