Allie Canyon

November 5, 2022

I fell in love with Allie Canyon on our first visit a year-and-a-half ago. Finally the planets aligned, and we were able to return, in late Fall after a generous monsoon.

lambs ear

The weather dipped below freezing this week, and there was a dusting of snow on the north side of the ridge.

hiking pole yoga

Aping the yoga pose of an alligator juniper/

top of the ridge

Dennis and Miguel at the top of the ridge.

view of the meadow

From here we had a magnificent view of the canyon, all the way to the meadow near the cabin.

side canyon with water

Even the side canyons were flowing!

approaching the log cabin

Approaching a well-preserved log cabin.

view of the cabin from the creek

Variously known as "Spring Cabin" or "Crumbley Cabin", it was constructed in 1946.

guest book

Since our last visit, someone has completely furnished the cabin, including a guest book!

stock tank

The stock tank here is always overflowing with clear, ice cold water.

yellow leaves

We didn't see a lot of Fall color here. The forest is mostly ponderosa pine, juniper, piñon and oak.

forest floor covered in oak leaves

The old road under a carpet of colorful oak leaves.

canyon with waterfall

The tiny creek has carved some rather spectacular cascades.