Warm Springs on the San Francisco River

October 23, 2021

I've been itching to return to this spot for years! No more excuses now that it's a mere hour's drive from home!

descending into the canyon

Dazzling cottonwoods outline the path of the San Francisco River through a narrow canyon whose walls are layers of gnarled basalt and rhyolite.

San Francisco River

Partway down the canyon, the rushing river is already audible.

log jam

Picking our way through a massive logjam that was at least partly the work of beavers.


Most pools were washed away during this summer's abundant monsoon, but after scouring both sides of the creek, we finally found one that was still intact.


So we managed a soak, but we had to work hard for it.


Hmmm ... I guess this was our third hot spring so far this month! Not bad!