The Tower

If we move to Silver City, you can put up whatever ham radio tower you like.

That was the deal. And we ordered the tower shortly after relocating in the Spring of 2021, but supply line issues delayed delivery for nearly a year.

Dennis in the hole

Meanwhile, we prepared the yard as best we could, including digging a hole 3' x 3' by 6-foot deep for the tower base.

mini excavator

We dug as deep as we could by hand, but ultimately had to hire a mini-excavator to finish the job.

the crane arrives

Finally, "D" (Delivery) Day arrived, on March 2, 2022.

setting up the crane

The biggest challenge was coordinating delivery of the tower with availability of a crane to unload the truck, since the tower components weighed more than 600 pounds.

tower on the truck

The truck was nearly two hours late, but the driver and the crew from Big Bear Crane made quick work of it once the truck arrived.

Cooke's Peak

Attaching a sling to the tower.

And then up, up and away it went, over the fence and behind the shop! Definitely the best show in town!

tower sitting on rollers

They set it down perfectly on some old telephone poles that we hope we can use to roll the tower into position. But there's lots more prep work ahead of us before that can happen.