Skates Canyon

April 1, 2023

After an extraordinarily cold and snowy Winter, Spring has finally sprung. On a clear and sunny Saturday, we set out to explore Skates Canyon in the Gila Wilderness.

distant view of snow-covered mountains

The drive up Route 15 is always a delight, but especially so when the distant Mogollon Mountains are still deep in snow!

old corral

An old corral near the mouth of the canyon.

slot canyon

A side canyon did not look promising, but quickly narrowed and soared skyward.

bracing against the canyon walls

It continued twisting and turning for nearly a half mile. Some fancy footwork was required to keep our boots dry.

climbing around a small waterfall

A small waterfall required some serious scrambling, but it was totally worth it.

waterfall - landscape

A short distance upstream, the canyon dead-ended at a magnificent waterfall.

waterfall - portrait

One photo is not enough!

You have to hear it echoing through the canyon!

yellow wildflower

I haven't been able to ID this wildflower.

Fendler's Pennycress

It and the Fendler's Pennycress aka Candytuft are all we've seen so far this year.

We continue to be dazzled by the endless opportunities to observe natural beauty such as this in the Gila Wilderness. And best of all, NO CROWDS!