Knight Peak

February 6-7, 2023

On our way back from Box Canyon, we decided to have a look at Knight Peak. It's the very craggy rock face visible as you climb up to the Divide from Lordsburg. It turned out to be an area of fascinating rock formations and see-forever views, and we were amazed to see four large elk on the road. We didn't know they came this far south! So we made plans to return for a quick one-night campout/exploration.!

A fine campsite with views across Knight Canyon to the jagged backbone of Brock Ridge.

A sunset stroll with Knight Peak in the distance.

Nice play of light and shadow in the morning.

We scrambled easily to a saddle near the summit, but by then, a storm had moved in and began snowing BBs.

We found a rock ledge shelter from the wind for lunch, but by then the snow was coming down hard.

It was a good reminder of how fast conditions can change in the mountains.

Coming back down in the slog (sleet/fog).

By the time we broke camp, NM 90 was snow-packed and slippery. We saw several accidents on the way home. Winter has returned with a vengeance!