CC Does Silver City

March 31 - April 3, 2024

Jamie, our "chosen daughter", paid us a visit with her daughter CC! Last time we saw them, she was just a baby. Now she's a bright and beautiful young lady with a personality as big as the great outdoors!

CC and us in our RV

Welcome to our B & RV!

the RV

Uncle Dennis & Marion

Dennis and CC working on a project

Sticker by numbers - reviewing big numbers.

Dennis and CC on the radio

Who's the bigger ham?

making waffles

Waffles for breakfast!

walking to La Capilla

First stop: La Capilla for a view of the city. But it was COLD!!

playing cards at the Tranquil Buzz

Gin rummy at the Tranquil Buzz. We make up the rules as we go, and somehow CC always wins.

watching the snowstorm from the Javalina

Then it started SNOWING! We took refuge at the Javalina.

Late that afternoon, it finally cleared up just long enough to enjoy the wonderful playground in Penny Park.

Dennis and CC at Aldo Leopold

Luckily the next day was warm and sunny, and we headed north to the Catwalk. We paused to enjoy the view at Aldo Leopold Vista.

view from Aldo Leopold rest area

In a few short weeks, America's first wilderness will celebrate its 100th anniversary!

water over the road

Uh oh, the road to the Catwalk is flooded!

Uncle Dennis does not care! :-0

Whitewater Canyon

The Catwalk is an elevated walkway in Whitewater Canyon that follows the route of a former water pipeline that served the 1890s mining town of Graham. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the Catwalk in the 1930s as a recreational trail. It traverses a colorful canyon lined with giant sycamores and cottonwoods.

Dennis, CC and Jamie running across the bridge

The Iron Bridge - no longer used for traffic, but a great place to watch the Gila River flow.

me photographing Bill Evans Lake

Taking a break at Bill Evans Lake.

Bill Evans Lake panorama Dennis and CC laying out the pieces of the cat tower

Of all the things we did, the cat tower construction project was clearly the highlight of CC's visit to Silver City.

Elio hops onto the cat tower

In no time, it was set up and occupied by cats!

CC and Dennis showing off their handiwork

"Forget the dolls and the coloring books, I want to BUILD something!"

Thanks so much Jamie and CC for coming to see us! We can't wait to see you again!