Sapillo Creek, Gila Wilderness

May 18, 2013

As the weather warms up, we are drawn to the wonderful high country of southern New Mexico in the Gila Wilderness. Having traveled this route now many dozens of times, we have developed a long list of pleasant stopovers along the way, including The Triangle T Ranch just off I-10 in Dragoon, which serves great burgers in a historic saloon built around a huge boulder.

Next stop, Bullard Street in Silver City, with its fantastic thrift shops and art galleries, the Javalina Cafe and several excellent restaurants (although we were very sad to see that Isaac's is closed).

Of course the highlight of the trip was a tour of our friend Ann's lovingly renovated historic bungalow in the heart of Silver City.

Next morning, after a tour of the Saturday Morning Farmers' Market, it was off to Sapillo Creek, an area I've wanted to explore for a long time. This is a very pleasant hike that begins in a lush riparian area and then crests several ridges to eventually drop into the Gila River Valley.

We all enjoyed this exploratory hike, but nobody so much as Ann's dog, Rosa, as you can see from this video: