A Tucson Christmas

December 16-21, 2022

A confluence of circumstances — back-to-back parties and one free space at Catalina State Park — drew us to spend the weekend before Christmas in Tucson. After the mandatory trip to Trader Joe's to stock up on all the goodies you can't get when you live in the outback, we joined our friend Doug, who lives WAYYY out of town in the desert.

miniature donkeys

Dawn, in the desert, with donkeys!

Doug and donkeys

Donkey Hôte

Susan and Ollie

We joined Susan and Matt for lunch on Saturday, and captured a sweet portrait of Susan and Ollie.

Nobody decorates for Christmas like Susan, and we reprobates who are too lazy to even put up a tree, delighted in her beautiful holiday table and fabulous collection of ornaments.

hiding place

Off to Laura and Paul's fabulous holiday party, and then the first of two nights at Catalina State Park. Madeleine finds a new place to hide (and also express her displeasure with the long drive and frequent absence of her human attendants).

Susan, Matt, Dennis and me

We squeezed in a hike along Sutherland Wash.

Susan taking a photo

There were pockets of snow in the mountains, and the wash was flowing nicely. The rushing stream, the black-and-white granite here and lush desert vegetation made this one of our favorite places to hike when we lived in Tucson.

Susan, Matt and Dennis

As much as we love Silver City, I miss these places, and especially these people! It was great catching up with friends at Connie's patio party later that day.

me and Susan

"Would the real Susan/Marion please stand up?" PS You are forgiven if you mistook one for the other. Sisters from another mister?

Faywood Hot Springs

From Tucson, it was straight to Faywood Hot Springs for two nights in honor of Patty and Terry's birthdays. It was the perfect place to wind down after a big trip!

clothing required sign

My first visit here was 24 years ago, and I have returned more times than I can count. How nice that it's now in our backyard!

our group at Faywood.

Terry, Patty, Dennis, me and Robin.

starting our hike

Patty joined us for a hike to Table Mountain.

hiking Table Mountain

This hike was way more interesting than we expected!

Cook's Peak from Table Mountain

Cook's Peak from Table Mountain.

panorama from Table Mountain

Scroll for a panorama of the sunset view from Table Mountain.

me, Dennis and Patty on Table Mountain

"Ussie" of me, Dennis and Patty. It sure was great to see so many old friends — many of whom we hadn't seen in three years — in the space of a few days. But it's good to be back home in Silver City, where there are still TONS OF SNOW on the ground!