The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum and Other Tucson Gems

January 30, 2009

Tom and Ann C came to town for the Gem Show, that annual event that brings the entire world and all its treasures to Tucson for three ecstatic weeks. We began with lunch at The Blue Willow, and the boys squeezed in a visit to the mirror-making lab at the University of Arizona, while I pedaled home to whip up a big batch of "Couscous Royale" for Saturday night. We reconvened for dinner at Kit and Ann H's Friday evening, and Saturday it was off to some of our favorite Gem Show venues, including the Indian Arts Show, the adhoc shops at Executive Inn, and the big white tents at TEP. Our culinary tour of Tucson resumed with lunch at Nimbus Brewery, a potluck at our house, and breakfast Sunday morning at Coyote Paws. We had planned to return to the Gem Show, but were so "enraptored" by the morning free flight show at the Arizona Desert Museum that we hung around for the matinée. A perfect long weekend ended with a glass of red wine and a sunset on Kit and Ann's porch and dinner at El Charro.