Bisbee is home to the Lavender Pit Mine, which once made it the largest city in Arizona. Abandoned when the mines went bust, Bisbee was repopulated by hippies in the 60s. Today's it's home to growing numbers of artists, entrepreneurs and young retirees. At +5000 feet, Bisbee has the best climate in all of Arizona, even though it's a stone's throw from the Mexican border.

Every visit to Bisbee begins at the coffee shop in a wonderful old Art Deco building on the main street. Kathy thinks David looks very fetching in my hat.

Typical Bisbee sidewalk and Mary Poppins Goes to Bisbee.

Artist's home in shades of teal and mauve

Still Life with Toilet and Computers. Star Chevrolet on Erie Street

Erie (Eerie) Street