Bridal Wreath Falls Loop

February 23, 2020

We've had wonderful winter rains this year! After a healthy storm on February 21-22, I was eager to see falling water.

With our friend Curtiss S., we headed for Bridal Wreath Falls in the Rincon Mountains.

From the Douglas Spring trailhead, it's three miles to the falls, with 1200' of elevation gain. After the long climb, there's a magnificient plateau where braided mountains streams water a lush mesquite bosque.

Where there is often just a trickle, we found a boisterous waterfall.

Curtiss managed to climb behind the waterfall for this mysterious photo.

A nice spot for lunch, especially since fellow hikers served us fresh-cooked and very aromatic bacon!

We returned via the Three Tanks and Wildhorse trails, a loop of about seven miles that gave us many more opportunities to enjoy the abundant water coursing through the Rincons.