Quilter Trail

January 6, 2013

This Winter has been all about the Rincon Valley. We've returned weekend after weekend to bike to Hope Camp from either Loma Vista or Pistol Hill and continue exploring the trails at Colossal Cave Mountain Park. This afternoon we biked in from Loma Vista, stashed the bikes and then hiked part of Quilter Trail, a newly constructed section of the Arizona Trail. We ran into trail steward "Pops C" once again, which is always a pleasure. We were also delighted to discover some metates near some pools in a stoney wash. And on the way back, we got up close and personal with an Arizona jackrabbit, who sat still long enough for some great photos.

It was after sunset when we got back to the truck, and the snow-capped Santa Ritas were white and indigo against the rosy background of a passing front. We stopped for dinner on the way home at the "Bone Inn", where a cowboy musician churned out tired old Roger Miller tunes. But as the dining room cleared out, he switched to his own compositions, including the haunting, "Compañero Blanco".

This dude can sing, and his original compositions are southern Arizona classics.