Concert Without Borders

August 24, 2019

"Concert Without Borders" is an annual collaboration of musicians, singers and artists from the United States and Mexico.

On separate stages on either side of the border wall between Douglas and Agua Prieta, musicians perform a mixture of classical, folklorico, cumbia and rock music simultaneously.

On the US side, a big screen shows the musicians playing the same songs on the other side of the border.
Through the gaps in the border wall, citizens of both countries shake hands, hug, exchange photos ...
All the good stuff is on the Mexican side. Food, bacanora, tables full of brightly-colored blouses ...
Yep, all the good stuff is over there.
Peeking through the bars.
A little cross-border shopping.
Is this really necessary?
There was a great mixture of music — classical, folk, rock, cumbia ...
Binational stage directors coordinate while the border patrol lurks in the background.
The border wall casts a long shadown.
Blowing bubbles across the border.
We finally worked up the courage to cross over to the side, a half mile through the dark and twisted corridors of a checkpoint designed for cars. Barbacoa tacos and a nutella-strawberry parfait!