The Castle in the Canyon

February 13-15, 2016

The Castle in the Canyon
My favorite camping spot.
Dropping into the canyon. Just look at all those sycamores!
Not far from the castle there is a very well-built stone dam on a side canyon. What was its purpose?
White Arizona Sycamores, blue sky and red cliffs.
At the castle
Literally built into the side of the cliff, with wonderful arched doorways.
Our buddy Dave Cameron placed this journal on our last trip in 2011.
The visitor jog.
Robin and Marion. First dip of the year!
Rosy Redfield Canyon at sunset.
Rincons with sunset and snow.
Sunset Panorama
Snow on the backside of the Rincons.
Magnificent crested saguaro.
"Ready for my close-up!"

Redfield Canyon

December 3-4, 2011

We returned to Redfield Canyon with an intrepid crew, and this time we made it all the way to the bottom, albeit skidding on our butts most of the way. It was worth every bruise and scrape!

We made it back to camp just before it began to rain, and the whole crew piled into the truck tent for dinner. We woke up to find the world coated in several inches of fluffy snow. Absolutely gorgeous!