Colossal Cave Mountain Park

March 4-5, 2020

Colossal Cave Mountain Park was one of our favorite local adventures, and we spent Christmas Eve there in 2009 and 2010. But in 2015, operation of the park was transferred to a large out-of-state company, and we were concerned that this simple, rustic and lovely park would lose its character.

While we were searching for a camping spot close to town for our first out-of-driveway with the new rig, and we learned that Colossal now has a couple of spots for RVs.


The campground is small but set in a lovely mesquite bosque near an ephemeral stream.

cat in RV

We had spent several nights in the driveway, trying to acclimate the cats, but this was their first campout with travel.

camping cats

There was a fair amount of yowling, but once we were parked, they settled right in.

Bandit Trail

I am happy to report that except for a slick new website, the park remains largely unchanged.

View from HDQ

The new concessionaire has built a number of new trails, including this excellent hike that winds from Posta Quemada Ranch to the park headquarters.

We completed two very pleasant hikes during our one-night stay.

It's easy to log several miles within the park on paths lined with lush vegetation and rampant wildflowers.

Except for the stable, the historic Posta Quemada Ranch is now abandoned. The graceful burnt adobe ranch house sits empty, as does the CCC museum. Of course Hagen and Rosie the ranch cats are long gone, but we were pleased to see that the new managers continue to tend the desert tortoises.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park remains a great choice for camping close to home, and it was the perfect destination for our first campign trip with the cats/