Lemmon Pools

August 12, 2007

During a break in the monsoon, we returned to Wilderness Rocks and enjoyed all the views that eluded us on our last well-watered hike.

Think maybe it's been a little humid in Tucson lately? Check out these giant Amanita muscaria mushrooms!

In addition to psychedelic mushrooms, our wet weather has also produced a bumper crop of baby horny toads.

"Brother can you spare a dime?"

At the junction with the Lemmon Rocks trail, we encountered this gatekeeper. We think he's a Arizona Black Rattlesnake. Like most of the snakes we've encountered, he gave us plenty of warning. These guys really don't go looking for trouble.

We thought for sure our hike would be cut short by a storm, but we made it all the way to this fantastic neck-deep pool. Not only was there plenty of water, but it was warm enough for a good long soak.

Does summer hiking get any better than this?

Sulphur butterfly and New Mexico thistle.