Bear Canyon

May 1, 2005

We were too early for the trams, but Bear Canyon Trail to Seven Falls was still an easy eight-mile, four-hour round trip hike.

The summer flowers have arrived, including all possible colors of cholla and prickly pear blossoms. That's Kathy in a nice spray of Verbena.

There was more water in the stream than I had ever seen before, with many pools and waterfalls all along the trail.

The best surprise of all was that the upper pools were nice and clear, and the water was decidedly dippable.

Well, okay, it wasn't exactly bathwater warm!

It was ... uh ... very refreshing!

Tropical paradise where the road crosses the river for the last time.

One hiker down for the count.

Two more on their way.

Marion and Kathy at El Charro. And the concert they all slept through.

Strolling through old Tucson.