Kathy's Bisbee Birthday Bash

Bisbee is the perfect place to celebrate an even-numbered birthday. Tombstone may be the town too tough to die, but a few miles down the road is Bisbee, the town too high to care. Photos by Kathy, Dennis and Marion.

Kathy on the steps at Brewery GulchThe Tomb of the Unknown Diddler

Kathy and I just need to win the lottery and turn this fourplex into a bed and breakfast. There's a fabulous garden and a view to die for.

Kathy was stunned, but we warned her there might be more surprises before the day was over.

As usual, Kathy made friends with all the critters.

After lunch at the Cornucopia, lots of stair-climbing and a few beers, we wandered up the street to check out Mimosa's 2nd Annual 100th Birthday Celebration. The entire town was there, and they were partying like it was 1975! We felt so underdressed!

Ute, Marion, Dennis and Kathy.

While we were still ambulatory, Dennis and I hiked back to the Shady Dell to start making dinner. On the menu was red snapper topped with mangolade and tropical fruit salsa and served with palm heart salad.

And for dessert, a tarte aux fruits with enough candles to create a serious fire hazard ...

We sent Kathy out for coffee, and meanwhile we wheeled the bike into the living room and turned off all the lights but its blinking headlamp.

But what Kathy liked best were the cards and birthday greetings from all her friends.

Well, you just had to be there ... I know you all were in spirit.

Ute was off at midnight to catch a redeye back to Houston. The rest of us took time the next day to explore the Shady Dell, a collection of vintage aluminum travel trailers on the site of an old RV park just outside Bisbee.

Dennis and I luxuriated in the 1951 Spartan Mansion.

Back at the Mud Tent in Tucson, Dennis shows Kathy all the gadgets and gizmos on her new bike. BTW Kathy says this was the best birthday she's ever had!