Carr Canyon

April 25-26, 2019

We've spent very little time in the Huachuca Mountains, and I really don't know why. The first day of stinky hot weather in Tucson sent us off to check out a high elevation hideout.

We found a nice spot at 7400' with a stunning view of Ramsey Peak.
Time to check out the trail to Carr Peak. We were last here 14 years ago!
As with most of the Sky Islands, years of catastrophic wildfires have taken their toll, but Carr Peak is recovering nicely.
Taking a Break
(Scroll for panorama)
Unlike the Catalinas, the upper Huachucas are limestone, and the gray rock is as wrinkled as an elephant's hide.
That's Miller Peak with PATCHES OF SNOW in the distance!
View from Carr Canyon Trail
As you climb higher, the sparse forest gives way to open grassland and the views are dazzling!
Relaxing after a fine hike.
Fiery sunset.
The next day we explored Comfort Springs Trail, which drops into a lovely forested canyon that reminded what if was like to hike in the Sky Islands before so much of it burned.
Acorn woodpeckers' handiwork!
Looking down at the sculptured spires of Carr Canyon. Definitely worthy of further exploration!