Tucson Kitchen Musicians Campout

May 3-5, 2019

We joined the Tucson Kitchen Musicians for their second annual campout at Calabasas Campground, a stone's throw from the Mexican border.

I hadn't visited this area in many years, and I forgot how lush it is! All rolling hills of ocotillo and canyons with a thick canopy of piñon, juniper and Mexican blue oak.
The Calabasas site also had an impressive variety of birds.
Dozens of vermilion flycatchers as well as acorn woodpeckers, kingbirds and curve-billed thrashers.
A morning hike in the hills above the campground.
Maya, Curtiss, Susan and Dennis
Susan and me at a sing-along in the shade.
The last day we took a side trip to Peña Blanca Lake. Like all Arizona reservoirs, it's silted in and deep in trash, but it's still quite lovely from a distance.
Charming shaded path along the reservoir (at least until the chatter of birds was replaced by the whine of a ghetto blaster).
I wanted to describe this as a "dragonfly", but it turns out there are dozens of species in Arizona. My best guess is a "blue dasher".