Triangle T Ranch

March 3-6, 2023

When your best friend likes a cozy B & B in Dordogne, and you like a backpacking tent on the Gila River, you meet halfway ... at an RV Park!

For their first experiment with this mode of travel, Matt and Susan rented an RV to accompany our rig.

The Triangle T is a historic ranch with a fun Western vibe. Established in 1922, it has served as a backdrop for many Western-themed movies and TV shows. The original "3:10 to Yuma," was filmed on location at the Triangle T, as were some of the original Lone Ranger movies.

Susan and Ollie

Dennis and Matt with their portable ham radio station.

Dennis and me with Miss Bea Haven. Photo by Susan K.

Dessert and coffee at "the clubhouse".

Unfortunately, when we reserved our two sites, we had no idea that the Triangle T was hosting a dirt bike race this weekend. For three days, we endured the constant whine of two-cycle engines.

We escaped for a few hours on Saturday by hiking to the Amerind Museum, which is always a delight to visit. I especially enjoyed the exhibit about the art and architecture of Paquimé.

While we were there, we checked out the Bird Pond Walking Trail, which took us to a lovely desert oasis, where we saw a pair of mallards and Vermilion flycatchers.

On Sunday, Dennis and I got a wild hair and decided to see if there was a way to cross under I-10, to explore the gloppy rocks above Texas Canyon. Sure enough, an old ranch road ran under the highway, and we inched our way to an imposing lookout!

Close-up view of the mysterious horizontal arch, that we've admired so many times while passing through Texas Canyon.

"Is ... potato ..."

Dennis harvesting coral beans. Later we learned that this plant is typical of the southeastern US and northeastern Mexico, and may have been introduced to the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona through trade with the Mogollon people who inhabited this area from 150 AD to 1400 AD, and with the Apache Indians who occupied the area in the 19th century.

We dropped into a canyon where a sparkling stream meandered across the golden granite.

On a hunch, we followed it downstream until it crossed under I-10, but that was one long, creepy culvert!

The stream eventually emptied onto Dragoon Road.

That night we celebrated with a fantastic dinner at the Rock House Saloon and Grill.

Here, ALL the drinks are "on the rocks".

As they say, all's well that ends well. Despite the ear-splitting racket and (ahem!) the occasional flood, we all enjoyed the weekend. Most importantly, Matt and Susan have discovered they like RV travel, and we're already planning our next trip(s).