Workman Creek, Reynolds Creek, Hells Hole and SAWUURA

September 7-10, 2019

It's been at least 15 years since I spent any time in the Sierra Ancha Mountains. When a friend invited us to spend some time at a camp operated by SAWUURA (Sierra Ancha Wilderness Unitarian Universalist Religious Association), we decided it was time to check out some of the trails in the area.

We were aiming for Aztec Peak but the road was a mess and there is now no camping along Workman Creek. But we found a nice spot up the road along Reynolds Creek.

We spent half a day trying to find a way around the burn area along Reynolds Creek but were defeated by waist-high scratchy brush.

But we saw DOZENS of turkeys!

We redirected to Hells Hole, a gorgeous trail through a dense pine forest. By then it was late in the day so we turned back at Armer Ranch.

Fall is in the air!

We spent two glorious nights at SAWUURA, a beautifully-forested inholding in the Tonto National Forest. View from an unnamed 5600' peak above the camp.

Self-portrait with alligator junipers

The Grove of the Ancients

A ginormous alligator juniper

Strolling along Seven-Mile Creek

View from a bench above Roosevelt Lake