East Clear Creek

July 12-15, 2017

This summer we've been wandering the back roads north of the rim in search of access to the many perennial creeks that water the region. With David and Rogil, we checked out some 4WD roads upstream from Blue Ridge Reservoir, and spend three glorious days hiking, swimming and relaxying by the creek.

East Clear Creek cuts through a steep wall of limestone and Coconino sandstone, but climbing down is easier than it looks.
The flow is nothing to write home about, but there are some lovely bottle green pools.
Une femme en bas colorés
Sunset lights up the sandstone walls by our streamside campsite.
Near the crossing, the river takes a sharp turn and passes through a tumble of layered sandstone.
Heading upstream early in the morning.
With the monsoon just getting underway, the streambed was bursting with summer wildflowers. This is wild bergamot, a member of the mint family.
The "trail" is primarily an elk track that wanders back and forth across the creek through dense brush.
Honeybee on a cutleaf coneflower
Morning dew on a wooly daisy
Fritillary and wild bergamot.
Colorado River Toad
David and Rogil with the stone chairs we built.
Bidding farewell to the canyon (for now).
Pleasing Fungus Beetles having a romp in their favorite hangout — the underside of a fallen tree in a riparian forest.
Horned Lizard