January 2, 2022

"Slight chance of snow showers, no significant accumulation." That was the forecast when I went to bed on New Year's Day.

our house deep in snow

But this is what greeted me early on the morning of January 2.

backyard in snow

At least four inches of fluffy, wet snow!

view from Boston Hill

Ours were only the second set of footprints on Boston Hill.

bench in deep snow

"It was cold, butt ..."

building a snowperson

It's been decades since either of us built a snowperson.


This one is particularly adorable. Looks like a young lady whose mascara is melting!

me and my snowperson

Why do we have white hair? So we can hide in snowdrifts!

raven in snow

Caught a raven in mid-caw.

hiking downhill in snow

By the time we turned around, the streets were flooded with snowmelt!