Great Plains Loop

Day 1: Tucson to Datil, New Mexico

For our summer vacation, we decided to make a big loop through the Midwest to see my sister Jan in Hastings, Nebraska, and Dennis's cousins in Oklahoma. In 10 days we would travel more than 3000 miles with Taco Grande, our Four Wheel Camper. With a late morning start, we made it to Globe for lunch, and by afternoon we were climbing onto the Mogollon Rim, where it seems like everything is blue, green and white.

We stopped for coffee and banana bread at Village Cafe in St. John, and then headed east into a spectacular storm.
Here I photographed one of the most remarkable rainbows I have ever seen. It actually contained three complete spectrums of color.
We camped at our favorite state park in Datil, New Mexico. It's quiet, it's beautiful, there's a sweet hiking trail nearby, and with the Golden Geezer pass it's $2.50 a night!
Datil to Rio Chama, New Mexico