Chasing the Totality

Day 18-19: Goosenecks and Home

We settled in for the night at Goosenecks State Park. There's a basic campground there run by the Navajo, and nobody seems to care if you roll on a bit past the big RVs for a quieter spot with no "amenities".
A fiery sunset lit up the pillars of Monument Valley to the south, and a warm, dry breeze rocked us to sleep.
What an amazing trip! The sites we saw in less than three weeks! And so many of them well off the beaten path, just part of the natural beauty that you can find anywhere in this part of the world.
It's all reservation land once you cross into Arizona, so except for the sad little campground at Jones Water, there's no place to pull off until Pinal Peak. So we rolled all the way home on Tuesday. As usual with our summer trips, the only snow we encountered was in Arizona, on the Rim just south of Show Low.
On this trip we learned that we can be very comfortable camping in this rig for weeks at a time. But home is where the cats are, and they were very happy to welcome us back.