Postcards from Plovdiv

August, 2010

Our third day in 37° C heat in a country that doesn't believe in air conditioning, swamp coolers, or even ceiling fans.

We pass the final day drinking ice cold rakija and waiting for the time to pass until we catch a bus north to the mountains. Uncle Todor drops by to bid us farewell. He says he doesn't sing much since his brother — Anton's father — passed away. The two of them were inseparable companions and made a bit of a name for themselves playing, of all things, Mexican folk music in mehanas all over Bulgaria and Greek Macedonia.

But with a little coaxing, he obliges us with a few tunes including a sweet rendition of "Vecheraj, Rado", accompanied by Anton on the guitar.

Anton comes by his musical ability naturally. Here's his version of "Devojko, Mari Hubava".