A Weekend in Duncan, Arizona

February 19-21, 2016

In mid-February The Simpson Hotel in Duncan joined forces with Friends of the Frisco for a fabulous weekend including a birding walk along the Gila River and a workshop led by Southwest bird expert Homer Hansen.
The Gila is full of suprises, and sometimes a featureless plain suddenly undulates into a series of colorful, steep-walled canyons.
And sometimes those cliffs shelter ancient well-preserved granaries and cliff dwellings.
Homer coached us on identifying raptors, including this magnificent golden eagle.
Emerging from the Gila, you can see a thick canopy of Arizona sycamores already starting to bud (and it's only February).
A sunset stroll along the Gila River in Duncan.
We were rewarded by the sights and sounds of several hundred sandhill cranes returning home for the evening.

The next morning we scouted a possible location for our next "Summits on the Air" adventure.

I call this video "Arizona Highways" (quite a bit of road-building was involved).