Chasing the Totality

August 11-29, 2017

It was over a year ago when we began planning a trip to observe the first total solar eclipse to traverse the United States in 26 years. Those plans shifted quite a bit over time, and eventually it was me and Dennis on a three-week trip that would include camping with friends in southeastern Wyoming, attending the Wilderness Symposium in Park City, Utah, and countless adventures along the way.


Monsoon 2017

The monsoon arrived late this year, preceded by record-breaking heat. Between June 19th and June 25th, Tucson International Airport registered 7 straight days with a high temperature of at least 109°. Then finally the evening of July 10, a drenching rainstorm blew into town. Over the next few weeks, we enjoyed almost daily gully-washers, some producing more than 1½ inches of rain in a single storm. According to the National Weather Service, Tucson received 6.80 inches of rainfall during the month of July, making it the wettest July on record.


East Clear Creek

July 12-15, 2017

This summer we've been wandering the back roads north of the rim in search of access to the many perennial creeks that water the region. With David and Rogil, we checked out some 4WD roads upstream from Blue Ridge Reservoir, and spend three glorious days hiking, swimming and relaxying by the creek.


Ham Radio Field Day (Sort Of)

June 22-25, 2017

Every year on the fourth weekend in June, ham radio operators nationwide participate in a "Field Day" to demonstrate their ability to send messages without the use of phone systems, internet or any other infrastructure that can be compromised in a crisis. Dennis and I typically celebrate by camping in the Chiricahuas. Invariably, we get caught in a thunderstorm, since the first of the monsoon storms always arrives in Arizona via the Chiricahua Mountains. Over time, we've come to believe that it's our job to meet the monsoon in the Chiricahuas and coax it back to Tucson.

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Blue Ridge Reservoir

June 11-13, 2017

With a Sunday departure and dodging a half-dozen wildfires, we managed to find some pockets of peace and quiet at this very popular northern Arizona destination.


A Few Days Along the Upper Gila

June 2-4, 2017

With temperatures are already in the triple digits every day here in Tucson, it was time to escape to running water and a cool green forest.

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Bicycling the West Coast of Newfoundland

July, 1991

In the summer of 1991, I organized a bicycle tour of the west coast of Newfoundland. This trip was months in the planning, and based on a careful analysis of the terrain and the prevailing winds. We took six days to pedal from Rocky Harbour to St. Anthony, propelled by a strong and steady wind from the southwest.


Parc Jacques Cartier and the Côte-Nord

Two more tales from my journals of grand adventures in Québec — a cross-country ski trip in Parc Jacques Cartier and bicycling the Côte-Nord — that explain why 1) I don't leave anyone behind and 2) I am slower than molasses.


Chasing Waterfalls

May 9, 2017

I can't begin to say how much I love the Chiricahuas. We keep discovering fresh wonders in this vast, wild, beautiful, extreme place!


Grand Canyon Memorial

April 20-25, 2017

We remembered Dennis' father by repeating a family train trip to the Grand Canyon we took with him three years ago.


Easter Sunday at Madera Canyon

April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday in Madera Canyon! The air was filled with sweet/sad Mexican folk songs and the scent of roasting cabrita. We stopped briefly at the Gift Shop, where an elegant trogon — my first — appeared out of nowhere, and vanished just as suddenly. Since every legal parking spot was taken, we opted to explore a delightful area nearby, where we were entertained by sex-crazed Arizona toads at a hidden waterfall.