Winter Wanderland

South Central New Mexico, December 27, 2016 - January 1, 2017

On a cross-country road trip with my friend Susan and a moving van, we passed through the town of Carrizozo, an old railroad town at the tip of the towering Sacramento Mountains. The late afternoon light cast enchanting shadows on the slopes of the mountain. Nearby, I learned, was a fairly recent lava flow 40 miles long, as well as the reknowned Three Rivers Petroglyphs Site. I vowed to return for further exploration.





Honeybee Canyon

December 4, 2016

We have been staying close to home lately to take care of Shmudla, now a remarkable 24 years old, but close to running out of his nine lives. We still managed to squeeze in a fun ride on the Honeybee Canyon Loop, one of the easier mountain bike loops in the Tucson area.

Deep in the Dragoons

November, 2016

We have spent most weekends in November in Arizona's Dragoon Mountains. I'm not sure we're not living there part-time!


Lost and Found at Turkey Creek

October 28-31, 2016

We lost the trail, John's eye patch and camera, Fu Wen's shoe, and Beth's keys. But we eventually found everything, and ourselves, in one of the true beauty spots of the Southwest.


"You Be Thelma, I'll Be Louise"

September 24-30, 2016

Two women, a truck, 2000 miles and credit cards. And no way were we going through Texas!


Southeastern New Mexico

September 16-19, 2016

Exploring an area in southeastern New Mexico that has been winking at us for years!

Kayaking on Lea Lake More

By Train Across Northern Canada

June 30 - July 4, 1982

An absolutely true story from the journals I have kept since 1964.

"The conductor was passed out on the floor of the coach. The two trainmen were dancing the can-can in the baggage car, and I was at the controls of a 25-year-old locomotive, lumbering across the endless muskeg at 35 mph an hour. The train was rocking like a sailboat on rough seas. This section of track was in such bad shape that the maximum "safe" speed was 25 mph."


10th Anniversary Road Trip

August 26-29, 2016

Could the next 10 years possibly be as much fun as the first?

Eastern Collared Lizard More

Great Plains Loop

August 6-16, 2016

For our summer vacation, we decided to make a big loop through the Midwest to see my sister Jan in Hastings, Nebraska, and Dennis's cousins in Oklahoma. In 10 days we would travel more than 3000 miles and traverse seven states, getting acquainted with inlaws and outlaws along the way. And we'd have plenty of opportunities to see how well Taco Grande, our Four Wheel camper, weathers some serious summer storms!

Rio Chama Thunderstorms More

Adventures in Portlandia!

July 19-26, 2016

We came to Portland to see Jamie and help her get settled in her new house. After a lot of mulching, a little baking, and few minor maintenance projects, we embarked on a whirlwind tour of the area, biking along the Willamette River, driving the Historic Columbic River Highway, hiking in forests so deep they feel like tunnels, and getting up close and personal with one of the most prominent peaks in the US.

Columbia River More

Ham Radio Field Day: Back to the Chiricahuas!

June 23-27, 2016

Every year on the fourth weekend in June, more than ham radio operators nationwide participate in a "Field Day" sponsored by the National Association for Amateur Radio. From 2006 to 2010, members of Tucson's SWOT ("sidewinders on 2") gathered every year at Rustler Park in the Chiricahuas for Field Day. Then in 2011, the disastrous Horseshoe II Fire incinerated more than 220,000 acres in the Chiricahuas, including our beloved Barfoot Lookout. In subsequent years, we experimented with a few alternate locations including Pinal Peak and Pueblo Park in the Blue Range. But a hike along the Crest Trail last summer convinced us that the Chirichuas had recovered enough that some locations might once again be suitable for camping.


The Best Backpacking Trip Ever!

May 28-31, 2016

Up the creek to the town of Mogollon, with a side of Snow Lake and the Catwalk


The Road Less Traveled

May 6-14, 2016

2000 miles from Tucson to Denver and back, nearly all of it on secondary roads, through some of the most stunning landscapes anywhere in the Southwest!


"Camping" with the "Kids" in the Gila National Forest

April 15-17, 2016