Even More Cute Cats

Sam is our Special Needs Cat. He's overweight, posessive, extremely needy, occasionally violent, and not particularly bright. If Sam was a guy, I wouldn't even go out with him, let alone sleep with him!

Sam loves my new desk. Now if I won't let him sleep on my lap while I'm working, he can curl up right in front of the monitor!

The two things Shmudla does really well are (1) avoid conflict, and (2) grow fur. With daily grooming, he'd probably make a good show cat. As it is, his extremely fine, dense fur coat serves mainly to collect mesquite leaves that he then deposits in our bed. So this summer he got a buzz cut, and it seemed like he was a lot more comfortable.

Caliche is a self-sufficient feral cat who simply finds it more convenient to live with humans. He'll stay out all night drinking and carousing, then curl up most anywhere to sleep it off.

Potted Pussycat