Catty Coworkers

Working at home has certain advantages, but you still have to get along with your coworkers. All of mine have pointy ears, big bushy tails, and an attitude.

Caliche can fall asleep anywhere – even draped over the desktop printer.

On a warm day, Caliche's favorite spot is the window well behind my desk. When it's cooler, he likes to use the iMac as a belly-warmer.

Shmudla has a drinking problem. He'll only drink running water from the bathtub tap, and he doesn't care if he gets a shower while he's at it. He also keeps me entertained with his world-famous bidirectional purr.

According to Sam, the best spot for an afternoon nap is on top of my most important papers. Excuse me, am I keeping you awake?

If both Sam and Caliche lay claim to my desk, there's nothing to do but take a break and try again later.