Agua Fria
Perry Mesans
All Souls Processions
Desert Lavender | All Souls Procession | 2011
Tucson All Souls Procession | Dia de los Muertos
All Souls Procession | 2008
All Souls Procession | 2006
All Souls Procession | 2004
All Souls Procession | 2005
Altar Valley
The Altar Valley
Aravaipa Canyon
Aravaipa West 2011
Aravaipa Canyon | East End | Deer Creek Canyon
Desert Lavender | Aravaipa | West End
Desert Lavender | Aravaipa | East End
The Return of Extreme Air Mattress
Aravaipa East, Hell Hole and Deer Creek Canyon
Aravaipa Canyon | Hell Hole | 2008
Aravaipa Canyon | East End | Hell Hole
Aravaipa Canyon | Horse Camp Canyon
Aravaipa Canyon | Flood Damage | 2007
Aravaipa West End 2007
Aravaipa Canyon | 2005
Aravaipa Canyon | 2003
Aravaipa Canyon | Hell Hole | 2009
Aravaipa Canyon | Extreme Air Mattress
Arivaca | "Scarivaca"
An Early Visit to Arivaca
Ruby Road | Atascosa Lookout
In Bisbee, It's Always 1978
Bisbee, Arizona
Kathy's Bisbee Birthday Bash
Brick Tent
Desert Lavender | Kitchen
Bulgaria 2010
Bulgaria | Independent Travel to Bulgaria 2000
Gela Gajda 2010
Rila Monastery
Postcards from Plovdiv
Koprivshtitsa 2010
A Hike in Koprivshtitsa
Thrace to the Finish
Cats of Bulgaria
Bulgarian Plumbing
Bulgaria | Bansko
Bulgaria | Cats of Bulgaria
Bulgaria | Melnik
Bulgaria | Plovdiv
Bulgaria | Rila Monastery
Bulgaria | Sandanski
Bulgaria | Sofia
Bulgaria | Sozopol
Bulgaria | Rozhen and Karlanovo
Cabeza Prieta
Cabeza Prieta | The Devils' Highway
A Wild Night in the Cactus Garden
Tucson | Cactus Blossoms | 2003
Tucson | Cactus Blossoms | 2005
Desert Lavender | Queen of the Night
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
San Francisco | California Coast Trail
Santa Monica and Joshua Tree National Park
San Diego
Bear Canyon - Hutch's Pool - Sabino Canyon Loop
Backpacking Across Tucson's Catalina Mountains
Bug Spring and Born-Again Backpackers
Catalina Mountains | Babad Do'ag
Catalina Mountains | Prison Camp to Sabino Canyon
Desert Lavender | Palisades Trail to Sabino Canyon
Oracle Ridge and Lemmon Pools
Lemmon Pools | Catalina Mountains
Catalina Mountains | Prison Camp to Sabino Canyon
Sabino Canyon | Morning After the Flood of 2006
Catalina Mountains | Hutch's Pool | 2008
Tucson | Agua Caliente Park
Catalina Mountains | Finger Rock | 2007
Catalina Mountains | Marshall Gulch
Catalina Mountains | Pima Saddle
Catalina Mountains | Ventana Canyon
Big Water in Sabino Canyon
Mid-Monsoon Splash in Sabino Canyon
More Secret Pools of the Catalinas
Somewhere in the Catalina Mountains
Sabino Canyon Reopens After the Flood of 2006
Early Morning Summer Hike in Sabino Canyon
Sabino Canyon After the Flood of 2006
Catalina Mountains | Sabino Canyon | Monsoon 2007
Catalina Mountains | Sabino Canyon | Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking on the 50-Year Trail
Catalina Mountains | Bear Canyon
Catalina Mountains | Finger Rock Trail | 2005
Catalina Mountains | Lemmon Pools
Catalina Mountains | Pima Canyon
Catalina Mountains | Romero Canyon
Catalina Mountains | Romero Pass
Catalina Mountains | Sabino Canyon to Prison Camp
Catalina Mountains | Hutch's Pool | 2005
Cute Cats | Cat Mother
Cute Cats | Catty Coworkers
Cute Cats | Chat'Aime
Cute Cats
Cute Cats | More Cute Cats
Cute Cats | Even More Cute Cats
Sam the Neurotic Norwegian Forest Cat
Cute Cats | Desert Cats
Chiricahua Mountains | Price Canyon
Chiricahua Mountains | Greenhouse Trail
Chiricahua Mountains | Horseshoe Pass
Chiricahua Mountains | Chiricahua Crest Trail
Chiricahua Mountains | Flys Peak
Chiricahua Crest Trail | Chiricahuas
Chiricahua Mountains | Trail Map
Desert Lavender | Four Corners Vacation
Southwest Hot Springs Tour
Dennis & Marion
Dennis and Marion | Monsoon Wedding
Grand Falls | Canyon de Chelly | Moab
Willcox Playa
Desert Lavender | Sandhill Cranes in Arizona
Dragoon Mountains | Slavin Gulch Backpack
Dragoon Mountains | China Peak
Willcox Playa
Dragoon Mountains | Slavin Gulch
Dragoon Mountains | Cochise Stronghold
Florida | Alexander Springs
Fossil Creek
Waiting for the Monsoon | Fossil Creek
Mogollon Rim | Fossil Creek
Mogollon Rim | Deadman Mesa | 2006
Mogollon Rim | Fossil Creek | 2004
Mogollon Rim | Deadman Mesa
Mogollon Rim | Verde Hellarve?
Jackson Cabin to Hooker Cabin, Galiuro Mountains
Desert Lavender | Redfield Canyon
Desert Lavender | Copper Creek | Galiuro Mountains
Desert Lavender | Powers Garden | Galiuro Mountains
Desert Lavender | Sunset Peak, Galiuro Mountains
Galiuro Mountains | Holdout Canyon
Galiuro Mountains | Bassett Peak | April 2007
Galiuros | Bassett Peak | January 2007
Ham Radio
Amateur Radio | Field Day in the Chiricahuas | 2008
Amateur Radio | Williams Ham Fest 2006
Ham Radio Field Day 2011 on Pinal Peak
Amateur Radio | Field Day in the Chiricahuas | 2007
Amateur Radio | Williams Ham Fest 2007
Amateur Radio | Field Day in the Chiricahuas | 2009
Hannagan Meadow
Christmas at Hannagan Meadow
Hot Springs
Hot Springs Tour
Gillard Hot Springs
Gillard Hot Springs
Arizona Spring Wildflowers | 2005
Huachuca Mountains | Mountain Biking in Flux Canyon
Huachuca Mountains | Guajolote Flat
Huachuca Mountains | Miller Peak
Snowbound in Patagonia, Arizona
Huachuca Mountains | Mowry and Flux Canyon
Huachuca Mountains | Carr Peak
Huachuca Mountains | Mustang Mountains
Huachuca Mountains | Mustang Peak
Huachuca Mountains | Parker Canyon Lake
Huachuca Mountains | Ramsey Canyon
Mazatzal Mountains | Sunflower
Mexico | Pinacate Volcano Field
Mexico | Sonoran Circle
Mexico | San Carlos
Mexico | The Seri Coast
A Trip Back in Time to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota | 2012
Mogollon Rim
Mogollon Rim | Horton Creek
Mogollon Rim
Mogollon Rim | Rim Lakes
Montreal | 2004
Montreal | 2007
Mud Tent
The Tankless Job | Another Plumbing Project from Hell
New Mexico
Pueblo Park, Blue Range Wilderness
Hillsboro Peak | Aldo Leopold Wilderness
El Malpais | El Morro | Annular Solar Eclipse
Desert Lavender | Sand and Snow in Southern New Mexico
Desert Lavender | Middle Fork, Gila Wilderness
Desert Lavender | Gila River Trail, Gila Wilderness
Gila River Country
Desert Lavender | Turkey Creek, Gila Wilderness
New Mexico | Gila Wilderness | Anniversary Hailstorm
A Summer in Silver City, New Mexico
Silver City and Wilderness Lodge
Desert Lavender | Middle Fork, Gila Wilderness
New Mexico | Chaco Canyon
New Mexico | Solo But So High
Gila Box on the Gila River in New Mexico
Desert Lavender | Christmas in Pinos Altos, New Mexico
Sapillo Creek, Gila Wilderness
Desert Lavender | Middle Fork, Gila Wilderness
New Mexico | Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Park
New Mexico | Warm Springs | 2007
New Mexico | Turkey Creek
Northern Arizona
Arizona Snowstorm | 1-1-11
Skiing in Flagstaff
Grand Canyon | Grandview Trail
Hopi Dances | Grand Canyon North Rim
Katie Lee Northern Arizona Road Trip
Hopi Dances and Summer Solstice
Grand Canyon Backpacking Bright Angel Trail
Cross-Country Skiing in Flagstaff
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Southwestern Road Trip
Desert Lavender Design
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Lavender Design
Old Friends
Susie McDonald Muir
Organ Pipe
Ravens at Organ Pipe
Desert Lavender | Mount Ajo
Organ Pipe | Mount Ajo and Alamo Canyon
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Lavender | Mount Ajo
Ajo and Mount Ajo
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Cone Heads
Rincon Mountains
Hope Camp
Quilter Trail
Bridal Wreath Falls, Rincon Mountains
Rincon Mountains | Douglas Spring Trail
Tucson La Posta Quemada | Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Christmas at Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Turkey Creek, Rincon Mountains
Rincons | Chivo Falls | 2007
Rincon Mountains
Rincons | Chivo Falls | 2003
Tucson | Mountain Biking on the Arizona Trail
Roosevelt Lake
Gila Gila Monster Rescue and Roosevelt Lake
Salt River
Salt River Float
Salt River Float
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Santa Ritas
Santa Ritas | Mount Wrightson
Desert Lavender | Walker Basin | Guajolote Flat
Santa Ritas | Ditch Mountain
Santa Ritas | Old Baldy
South Around the Santa Ritas
Santa Ritas
A Visit to Seattle
Desert Lavender | Reavis Ranch | Superstition Mountains
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Lavender Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Sycamore Canyon
Sycamore Canyon | 2008
Sycamore Canyon | 2007
Sycamore Canyon | 2004
Texas | Austin
Texas | Star Party | 2008
Desert Lavender | Arrastra Wilderness
Desert Lavender | Big Bend 2009
Tonto Creek
Mogollon Rim | Tonto Creek | 2006
Mogollon Rim | Tonto Creek | 2003
Tucson Mountains
Tucson Mountains | Wasson Peak | January 2007
Tucson Mountains | Wasson Peak | November 2007
Tucson Blizzard of February 2013
Tucson | Rock Art
Tucson | Monsoon | Spadefoot Toads
Tucson | Aspen Fire
Endeavor Final Flight Tucson Flyover
Tucson Gem Show | Sonoran Desert Museum
Tucson | Barrio Viejo
Tucson | Butterfly Magic
Tucson | Valley Fever
Tucson at Night
Tucson | Mountain Biking in the West Silverbells
Tumacacori Mountains | Tumacacori Peak
Utah | Bryce Canyon | Escalante National Monument
Verde River
Verde River | Gilas in Geat
Verde River | Sheep Bridge
Verde River | Upper Verde River
Verde River and Fossil Creek
West Clear Creek
West Clear Creek - White Box
West Clear Creek | Bald Hill Trail
Mogollon Rim | West Clear Creek | Maxwell Trail
Mogollon Rim | West Clear Creek | 2005
West Clear Creek Bushwhack Backpack
West Clear Creek 2013
Mogollon Rim | West Clear Creek | 2003
Western Arizona
Desert Lavender | Ringbolt Hot Springs
Western Arizona | Ringbolt 2011
Western Arizona | Ringbolt Hot Springs | 2010
Desert Lavender | Arrastra Wilderness
Western Arizona | Ringbolt Hot Springs | 2007
Wet Beaver Creek
Wet Beaver Creek
Wet Beaver Creek | Oak Creek
Mogollon Rim | Wet Beaver Creek | 2005
Mogollon Rim | Wet Beaver Creek | 2003

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