Taco Grande: Heading East in a Covered Wagon

November 10-15, 2015

We went west, topless, and came home in a "covered wagon". Along the way we got an eyeful — not only of California's scenic beauty, but also the scope of the damage caused by its disastrous water policy.


Second Annual Halloween/Birthday Bash in a Wet Canyon in Eastern Arizona

October 30-November 1, 2015

Despite a rainy forecast, a hardy crew turned out to celebrate Halloween and an important birthday with a three-day backpacking trip to a wet canyon in eastern Arizona.

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Pueblo Creek

October 9-11, 2015

Once again we were washed out of a planned trip to a flood-prone slot canyon, so our fallback was Pueblo Creek, which drains a much smaller region. It rained all day and all night, and the only thing that kept us from hibernating in our tents was a "white man's fire"!

It is disturbing to see how the canyon has been resculpted in just the last two years. Enormous boulder fields have largely replaced the the previous well-marked streamside trail. We can't blame it on fires, since this area hasn't — so far — fallen victim to the catastrophic fires that have razed much of the Mogollon and White Mountains.

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