10th Anniversary Road Trip

August 26-29, 2016

Could the next 10 years possibly be as much fun as the first?

First stop: Chevelon Crossing. My women friends and I were planning a backpacking trip here, but we had to cancel. We decided to check it out on the Winslow, and camped just up the road. It poured all morning, but we were happy in the camper, reading, writing and listening to the rain on the roof.
When the rain finally let up, we took a short hike along the creek, but it was pretty rough going, between high water and a lot of brush along the banks. I believe this is an alkali marsh aster with a milkweed bug.
We toured Homol'ovi State Park, where there are remains of seven separate pueblo ruins built by ancestors of the Hopi people, between approximately 1260-1400 AD. A map at the visitor center showed that there was an unbroken line of settlements from present-day Winslow to Old Oraibi.
We saw some great lizards here, including this fabulous dayglo-colored Eastern Collared Lizard.
We surprised a Cooper's Hawk on a rock along the Tsu'vo Trail.
I caught him just as he took off.
We treated ourselves to two nights at La Posada in Winslow. Double rainbow where we love to sit with a glass of wine and watch the trains go by.
Morning coffee.
Cuteness overload
Chimney Butte.
Little Painted Desert

Scrollable view of the Little Painted Desert.

Up Clear Creek in our Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Sevylor Tahiti.
We spotted a pair of bald eagles circling above the cliffs at Roosevelt Lake.